In a word I would describe Viggo as being very inspiring.     
Dominic Monaghan

   It's strange how even an indirect contact with Viggo Mortensen seems to wake long forgotten artistic instincts in so many people. Just browse through any given messageboard or a fanpage and you will find enough examples.

   I am not different. Here are some examples of my own creative trials:

  • Being Viggo For a Day -- my first session with a digital camera
  • Tribute to LOST -- exploring a new technique. And no, it has nothing to do with the TV series.
  • Photobucket: my very own bucket with photos -- more of those above Updated on 7. January 2007
  • in December 2007 I started to move my photos from Photobucket into Flickr
  • Errant Vines -- the quite succesful successor of The House of Telcontar's The HoT Poets Society, a place where I can inflict my stuff on people.