Have you ever be a subject of a gossip in your neighbourhood? Then imagine you are a subject of a gossip in the whole world. Because it could be you -- knowing your every step is followed by people with cameras, waiting for you to stumble or to get a juice splash on your T-shirt. They wait for you at the airport or on the parking lot next to your house. They put their lenses directly into your face, blind you with fleshlight, provoke you to get a reaction, and if you react, they hide behind their rights and threaten to sue you.

  Anything that happens to you or your family is a subject of a discussion next day. Half of the population (including an averige percentage of dangerous freaks) know where you live and how your kids look like. Tabloids are making money on your private life calling it information the society has a right for. And you cannot help it, although it's not information they offer -- it's only cheap and stupid entertainment.

You might say -- lost of privacy is a price celebrities pay for fame. And you might say it is okay. But it isn't okay. Are you so envious of their success that knowing them suffer makes you feel better?

You might say there are people who enjoy they celebrity status. That's right, but there are still many who would prefer being left alone while living their lives. They should have a chance to choose. And those who want it , always will have enough opportunities to get on a title of a magazine.

You might say it is us who made celebrities possible, we pay their wages and that's why they owe us everything. But they don't. They owe us good work. They owe us a feed for dreams and fantasies. They owe us social engagement because of their status. But They don't owe us their lifes.

You might say you are a fan and want to know everything about your star. Well that's normal, I am curious too, but I don't want anyone to pay a price for my curiosity. Doesn't being fans mean also to support the person we admire?

You would say it is the media that feed us with that stuff. But it is us who buy it. We keep the system alive. And only WE can stop it.

Think about it. Think before you buy some rag exploiting private life of celebrities. Think -- before you enter a gossip website and feed its counter. Think -- before you post a paparazzi shot on a website ora forum and therefore advertise gossip and tabloids.


For one day you might win a lotery jackpot or become a victim of crime and be a celebrity yourself. Just think about it...


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Quote: With the glitter wet and flowing down some gutter, so would the high dollar appearances, the $10,000 dresses and suits, the stretch limos, the spotlights -- the celebrity's very reason for existing.

Mr. Levendosky, I think you forget about people like Viggo. Or you don't know they exist at all...