Here I put together a kind of artistic biography of Viggo Mortensen. It should help to place photos, paintings, poems in a certain time in his life, like e.g. traveling to certain filming locations, or the possibility that some of the works were inspired by certain facts in his life. Before making the table I never noticed that the poem "Hillside" could be inspired by "Passion of Darkly Noon"!

Again, the content is still a work in progress, and has to be taken with a big pinch of salt. I used movie release datas from IMDB, but mostly it is hard to say when the movies were really shot, most probably it happened in the same year or the year before. I also used the datas attached to photos and paintings as they were printed in books, but in many of exhibitions' listings the datas are different. Being a chaos incarnated myself I'm quite sure I made some mistakes.

To keep the table small as possible I also attached the number 1 to first photos of a series, even if they weren't named like this, e.g. when in every book the picture was named Ride, I wrote it as Ride 1, simply to get more Rides in one row.

The table is over 800 pixel wide. If you have a small monitor it might be better you open it in a NEW WINDOW, with a 17" monitor it should work well INSIDE THIS FRAME