24. July 2007
added: Willoughby and Lou Ford to the Glossary'
added Frank Grisdale and Bill Armstrong to the Connections Page.

7. January 2007
finally added last year's photos to my Photobucket

4. January 2007
made two new additions to the Connections Page: Circular Frames and James Mooney
added a text about Ghost Dance written by Naja to the Glossary. Thank you, Naja!

26. December 2006
added more about Kormak and links to Kormak's Saga
added Laura
added the first draft of Viggo's Chronology
added a link to the decryption of the Thank You Page from RF at VFB's

23. December 2006
added more about Kormak and texts of Kormak's Saga
added Laura
added the first draft of Viggo's Chronology

14. December 2006
a small article about The Nature Of Landscape And Independent Perception at hustlerofculture.com, more about mana and a little Thank You Page

10. December 2006: Finally started filling the Connections department starting with two entries about Camera Toss and Lomography
Added a link to an Article Viggo Mortensen - Painting with Light

8. December 2006: Added fragments about Miyelo book and photos from Fearles article
link to Wiggo-Works Odense reports
more information about Lake Wakatipu.

3. December 2006: Wow it's been a long time since the last update!
Made some changes in design, trying to increase the usability of this site. I'm not sure if I succeded though. I still have some problems connecting the Glossary and the Photos part. There are interesting pictures with (most likely) common names, others have interesting names but there isn't much to tell about the picture itself. There are photos which belong together because of the subject matter, but have different names, or very different photos with the same name... I could go on and on...
Fixed broken links -- there were plenty of them, I still had some leading to old and long gone sites like Viggo-Online or Viggo Chronicles. Sadly many websites dedicated to Viggo are gone.
Added a Quotations page where I will collect things Viggo and other people said about his photography, a link to an article about Ephemeris Exhibition: A Star In Odense, link to Majken's Report, and gave home to Olianna's report from Odense. Added comments for Ephemeris Exhibition from discontinued Forum at Viggochronicles. I would like the authors to contact me in case they don't want their words quoted here. Added the origin of the name Tacoma,

12. February 2006 Added Dynjandi and Parker

11. February 2006 Added Linger to the Books section

26. January 2006 Added a new paparazzi link and a new page for the new exhibition The Nature of Landcape and Independent Perception

14. November 2005 Added Íslendingur

9. May 2005 Added new stuff for Greenpoint and Greenpoint Terminal and Pagan Cross, the right Armstrong, Loves of a Blonde and a new review of Nye Falsknerier,

19. Januar 2005 A little overhaul of the Glossary: I add a small references to all names as it is sometimes hard to remember where all the names came from. Added more about Rohan, Son Of Gloin, Amsterdam and Kormak, etymology of Brigit, links for Wellington and Odense, new entries for Lead, Elendil, Betinho's, Belfast, Reykjavik, Florence, Kolding and Orlando

24. November 2004 added a report from For Wellington exhibition, a whole bunch of Armstrongs and Roma to the Glossary, Westerly to the photo section, Allstarz.org to the links and some articles to my anti-tabloid page. I'm considering to build a webring of fan websites following a no tabloid content policy.

13. October 2004 added links to A couple of SLU reports, a new story about Uraeus/Brego, additional information about Envidia, Silencio, Kissinger, and two new entries in the Glossary: Metro Section, and Jarem

8. October 2004 Added a link and three articles about Viggo's Cuba Exhibition

6. October 2004 Added the Miyelo/DC exhibition with a pricelist from the gallery and linked a report by Starfolk from Viggo-Works. Thanks, Starfolk!
On a more personal note -- already in July I decided to stop buying my TV Guide TV-Spielfilm (Germany) and chose another one, TV Pur that doesn't publish paparazzi pics and gossip. It won't change the world, but one have to start somewhere.

5. October 2004 Sigh. Sorry, the real life kept me away from the site for a while. Managed to upload new photos to my Photobucket and add a list of Viggos photos at the Signlanguage exhibition in Canton and a link to Topaz's report posted at Viggo-Works. Thanks, Topaz!

7.July 2004 Added a little bit about Minerva Chapman

4.July 2004 Added the anti-paparazzi appeal, content of Errant Vine booklet and the next story about Lost series

27.June 2004 Added translations of spanish texts from Hueco and notes about differences between the first and following editions ofCoincidence Of Memory, there is also a new page about Exene's World

23.June 2004 Added new quotation about Lost series, translation of Envidia and my own reproduction of solarisation at Special (D)effects Department; extended the links page, fixed some errors11.June 2004 Just a short note -- I've got Envidia -- an update follows soon.
If it goes like that, tomorrow my counter will hit 1500!

8.June 2004 Somehow I managed to overlook an update from 22. April when I added Adelaide Road, Courtenay Place, and more about Yorks. And yes, it turned out that Chaco and Grand Chaco are not the same, so I had to add some info. Thanks, Ceci!

6. June 2004 Yippee! Last week my counter hit one thousand!
Added two new reports from Signlanguage exhibit: Learning Signlanguage by Hellcat and Contemplation of the Object by Lucidalbatross. Also started to add first comments on books -- take a look! There is also an Abbreviation list with a link in the menue.

9. May 2004 Added Sunkawakan Waste, Tasunke Witko and new stuff for Mitakuye Oyasin, Toksa, Grandview and York

24. April 2004 Added Atlas, Merzouga, (if you've seen Hidalgo, the pictures will look familiar to you) Mitakuye Oyasin, Toksa, Adelaide Road, Courtenay Place, York and two new links for Tamdacht

14. April 2004 Killed some minor bugs, added a new link for Mana. Added stuff to book and exhibitions pages as far as it goes. Unfortunately got no answers from the other galleries, so the listings remain incomplete. :-(.

1. April 2004 Finaly found a script for loading two frames at the same time that actually works. Yippie! So now the glossary got its own little intro. Added picture lists for Recent Forgeries and Viggo Mortensen exhibitions, thanks again to Irene! Killed one error. And last but not least -- thanks to Henry and the new horse book finally we can see the (in)famous broken lense in the (D)effects Department. To find out the name of this particular lense turned out to be more difficult than I thought. :-(

28. March 2004 Added Uraeus and Hidalgo with no real connection to Viggo's art (yet) but with quite wide variety of possibilities :-). There is also a full list of pictures showed at Errant Vine Exhibition. (Thanks Irene from Robert Mann Gallery!) Still struggling with the layout...

21. March 2004  TJ found his way to the to the glossary, there are also some new Minervas. In the Exhibitions part I added a link to an article on Signlanguage Exhibition at Track 16 Gallery, one to information on Richard F. Brush Gallery website and one for Fotoeca de Cuba gallery (not much info, BTW). I'm still struggling with the layout...

10. March 2004 Everything is new. ;-)